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Patio Covers In Woodland Hills

Who doesn’t love the amazing weather here in sunny Southern California? For many of us, it’s the entire reason we choose to live here. What better way to enjoy all this amazing weather than with a new patio cover? Patiocovered builds patio covers In Woodland Hills, it’s just what we do. A patio cover is simply an extension of the interior of your home, outside. Patio covers allow you the freedom to enjoy more of what California has to offer throughout the year in any weather condition., who we are

Patiocovered is a patio cover construction company who builds patio covers In Woodland Hills and throughout Los Angeles. we don’t do kitchens, bathrooms or plumbing. We build decks, aluminum Alumawood patio covers in Woodland Hills and wood patio covers. Despite what you may think about patio covers in general bing expensive and unobtainable, think again. we make buying  patio covers an effortless experience and yes, we have a patio cover for every budget.


What types of patio covers in Woodland Hills do you offer?

For the most part, we work only with two different types of building materials, Aluminum and wood. Previously, we attempted to work with Vinyl, however, we found that vinyl had a very plastic look to it, so we opted to migrate our efforts to aluminum. Not only is Aluminum Alumawood patio covers in Woodland Hills esthetically beautiful, it’s extremely affordable and when compared to wood, even more so.

How much do patio covers cost In Woodland Hills?

Eventually if you spend enough time shopping other companies you will draw one conclusion, the products is typically the same cost but the labor is what separates the majority of contractors. Aluminum, Alumawood patio covers for example are the most affordable especially when compared to wood. Alumawood patio covers In Woodland Hills came in various shapes and finishes as well as roof options. That said, however, the basic 10×10 cover can set you back around $1800. On the other hand wood for example, can set you back over $4500 for the same 10×10 patio cover.

What are the benefits of Alumawood patio covers In Woodland Hills?

In the first place it’s difficult to compare the benefits of Aluminum patio covers In Woodland Hills to that of wooden covers. Why is this? Mostly because the Alumawood patio covers require almost zero maintenance. By the same token, wood on the other hand requires a great deal of annual maintenance.  For example, with aluminum here are some key points.

  • Aluminum patio covers do not rot or deteriorate
  • Alumawood covers do not require paint
  • The aluminum patio covers 

We love patio covers 🙂

Patiocovered loves patio covers in West Hills. Actually, we love the fact that we can add so much joy and happiness to a families life when we see these babies go up. Not only does adding a patio cover to your home increase it’s overall value in many cases, it also allow you the freedom to entertain, play, read a book, study or simply chill, in what is an extension of the interior.

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