Santa Clarita Patio Covers

Santa Clarita Patio Cover

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Santa Clarita Patio Cover

If you have just purchased a home in Santa Clarita, chances are that you are moving into new construction which typically does not have a landscaped or hardscaped backyard. You want to create a relaxing environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy in the summer or all year round. The perfect solution is a patio and patio cover under which you can spend your free time. Some of us may not be so creative when it comes to designing patio covers so the Patiocovered website gives you choices. We have different styles and different sizes because yards come in many different shapes and sizes, not to mention, homeowners have different visions when it comes to what goes in their backyard.

We Have a Patio Cover for Any Budget

Budgets can be tight, so we have basic models for you to choose from. The Sombra, which is a shade bar patio cover or Verano , a roofed patio cover basic models are simple, well built and great looking. We of course have upgrade options and upgraded versions such as the Best and Black versions of these covers, which we like to think are pretty affordable too.

We build decks in Santa Clarita Too

Did we mention that we also build decks? The all wood deck called the Sonrisa is our base model and we have variations in stucco clad decks. These decks can be built with vertical railing, horizontal railing or a parapet wall.

Patiocovered is Licensed to Build Patio Covers in Santa Clarita

Patiocovered is a professional and licensed construction company that builds quality patio covers and decks to fit any budget. Only the highest quality lumber and hardware is used to construct our patio covers and decks. We have a stylish selection of patio covers and decks that range from basic to custom. If you are looking to put some shade in your front yard, side yard or backyard, look no more. Patiocovered is the solution for you. If you live in Santa Clarita and are searching for an exceptional company to work for you, call Patiocovered.