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Patio Covers in Agoura

If there was any one city in Southern California which has the perfect mixture of warm and cool, its Agoura California. In order to take full advantage of the beautiful weather, you’ll want a patio cover. builds patio covers in Agoura, it’s what we do. Adding a patio cover to your home also creates value within the home. Lets not forget the fact that patio covers create additional space.

Add more living area to your home

Outdoor living in Southern California is where it’s at. no matter where you are out here, there is somewhere to sit and enjoy the outside anytime of the year. Of course, why not at your own home? Why not create the perfect outdoor living space within your very home for entertaining or just relaxing amongst the stars? As patio cover only contractors, we build Patio Covers in Agoura, it’s all we do.


What type of Patio Covers in Agoura do you sell?

Our line up of patio covers are wood and Aluminum. At one time we did dabble in vinyl, however, we felt vinyl didn’t offer our clients the best product for your money. Of course it’s not that we’re bias against vinyl, that’s not the case. We do however, keep in mind cost vs. appearance. As a result, we narrowed our product line to wood and Aluminum patio covers.

How much do patio covers cost in Agoura?

When we consider the materials and the direct costs of each, wood has aluminum beat hands down. in contrast, Aluminum is a less expensive material and without paint, ends up being far more affordable than that of wood. Furthermore, when you consider never having to maintain the aluminum patio cover, you will thus never have to replace the cover.

What’s the benefits between Aluminum vs. wood patio covers?

Surprisingly, there are many benefits between these two products. For example, with wood you have to factor in the maintenance and cost. By and large, wood patio covers cost more and require 100% more maintenance that Alumawood Patio Covers in Agoura. Eventually, wood will rot and deteriorate requiring full replacement. 
On the other hand, Agoura Alumawood patio covers are far less expensive than wood and require no maintenance.

  • Alumawood patio covers do not rot
  • the Alumawood cover will never deteriorate
  • The paint will never fade on Alumawood patio covers
  • Termites hate aluminum patio covers

We love patio covers

The more inviting your home is the more time you will likely wish to spend there. It’s important to realize that everyone is super busy nowadays and heck… it’s hard to get the family together even for dinner am I right? With an outdoor living space added to your home, you have just one more reason to carry the conversation to the outside under the stars, beside a fireplace or just sitting in your favorite lounge with a hot cup of tea.

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