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Adding recessed lights to your covered patio has never been easier. In fact, the Alumawood cover has equipped the roofed covers like the insulated and non insulated with extruded beams, so they can easily accept lights. A good rule of thumb is 4 lights for every 100-120 square feet.

In case you were wondering, drilling into the roof cover does not affect the structural integrity of the roof itself. Lights are a great custom upgrade to your alumawood cover.

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The Alumawood Insulated roofed Cover offers exceptional heat resistance. In fact, these 3' high-density foam panels are rated at R13.95. What's that mean? It means you stay significantly cooler while sitting under these patio roof coverings.

  • Alumawood insulated ptio covers
  • Alumawood insulated ptio covers
  • Alumawood Insulated patio covers
  • Alumawood insulated patio covers


Ceiling fans are a fantastic way to upgrade your aluminum cover. Depending on how large your project is, will usually determine the number of fans installed. A general rule of thumb is a ceiling fan every 10-12 feet of roof.

There are two different types of roof systems with the Alumawood line. We have the insulated type and the non-insulated type. Both will accept ceiling the ceiling fan custom upgrade. Alumawood insulated panels have a special extruded aluminum channel specifically for the installation of a ceiling fan.

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Like with most things, there are options. Of course, with the Alumawood insulated roofed covers there are also options. Buying a new Alumawood cover is, in my opinion, a huge investment. Why not build your patio exactly the way you want the first time.


One Upgrade that really changes the look of your outdoor living space is to the post of your covered patio. The posts which come standard are 3" x 3". But that can change quite easily...

There are three different customized columns to choose from. First, there are square, round, or fluted columns. These columns come in either 8" x 8" or 10" x 10" and made of fiberglass. Once installed, they give your cover the custom appearance of a greek cathedral.


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End cuts are the outside of the beams and rafters. So for the rafters, the end that sticks out the front gets a special. Likewise, the beams also get these special cuts. Regardless if you're interested in patio kits, these end cuts are standard.

Are there extra fees for choosing an end cut? NO. These end cuts are included in the fees for the structure. You might notice that there are caps at the ends of the cut. These patio cover caps get attached to the aluminum member via screws and are removable. Should these caps ever get lost, we have replacement parts.

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These patio covers are available in 7 color options. The most popular colors ordered by our clients are white and Spanish brown. Although patio cover color options are many, there are, however, limitations to the combinations you can come up with when customizing your Alumawood cover. Paint is applied onto the Aluminum by spraying. Other types of patio cover systems like the 4K aluminum patio systems, are actually powder coated. That's a process where the paint is literally baked onto the aluminum pieces.


With all Alumawood roofed covers, there are 7 different colors. All of the Alumawood color options have the ability to mix-n-match colors thorough the cover. For example, on a lattice cover, we can make the framework one color and the lattice strips another. Or, for the non-insulated patio cover, we can make the roofing one color, the posts another color, and the trim another. Insulated patio covers on the other hand are the only patio cover that is somewhat limited.

The insulated patio cover roof only has 2 options for colors. Even with the patio kits. Desert sand the white. Color options for the frame including the gutters can still be different. The trim for all of the patio covers is the same. Collectively, the Alumawood covers have the same trim which includes the post, post covers, beam, and ledger.

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