Custom Wood Decks in Los Angeles

Because of the overall appearance and size, we consider Wood decks to be a like a timeless piece of outdoor furniture. Furthermore, with slight alterations to any deck, it can take on multiple appearances. Custom wood decks are just that, custom.

Patiocovered builds custom wood decks in Los Angeles. If your deck has rot, deterioration or if termites seem to have feasted on the deck until there is little left standing, it may be time for a new custom deck in Los Angeles.


Designing your custom deck in Los Angeles is easy with our help. Therefore, all you need is an imagination. Whether the deck is square, rectangle, triangle or built in a circle, can almost certainly accomodate.

With so many possible shapes, material options, paint colors and construction options to choose from, picking a decks design can seem daunting. Our custom decks start with a sketch drawing of the design and once approved, gets re-drawn in our CADD program.

The process

Our process is simple. Once you have decided on which shape you would like to see your deck, just make a simple sketch or bring us some pictures. A most noteworthy location to gather images is or

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