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Patio Covers in Newbury Park

Who doesn’t love Southern California’s year-round beautiful weather? I mean, where else can you live as comfortable outside your home as you do inside? Have an outdoor living space is almost essential, especially here in Newbury Park. Moreover, having a patio cover built in your back yard will help you facilitate this.

Aluminum, wood patio covers and decks

We build Patio Covers in Newbury Park in two different materials, aluminum and wood. Likewise, we build decks out of just one, wood.  Differences between these two material is significant and relate to longevity as well as cost. On the other hand, decks can only be constructed from wood as they are primarily structural in nature.


Alumawood Patio Covers in Newbury Park

The Alumawood aluminum Patio Covers in Newbury Park are just that, constructed from aluminum. For those of you who may not be familiar with aluminum patio covers, let me tell you… nothing else compares. Nothing else compares to their ability to withstand time. Wood on the other hand, will require a significant amount of labor to maintain over it’s its useful lifespan. Furthermore, wood will absolutely deteriorate and require regular painting.

How much do Patio Covers cost in Newbury Park?

The cost of Patio Covers in Newbury Park can depend on a great many things. For example, the cost of Patio Covers in Newbury Park are greatly influenced by the material first which also dictates labor time. Additionally, the type of material will set the cost of the overall product. Keep in mind however, the price you will pay for aluminum will decrease as the years pass and this is largely due to the lack of necessary maintenance. Not to mention, aluminum patio covers are almost half the cost of wood patio covers. For instance, a 10×10 lattice cover in Alumawood can start at $1800 whereas a wood cover will start at $4500.

What are the benefits of Alumawood vs Wood patio covers?

Benefits are a-plenty when you buy aluminum. For example aluminum will never deteriorate and wood on the other hand will absolutely deteriorate. Aluminum Patio Covers in Newbury Park will never require paint and wood will every couple years at a cost of over $2000. Wood patio covers will generally take a week or more to install whereas aluminum can be installed in a few days.

  • Aluminum resists dry rot and deterioration
  • Insects such as termites hate aluminum
  • The paint will never chip, peel or crack

Patio Covers just make you happy

Having the ability to enjoy the back yard as an extension of your interior living space is sure to make you happy. When the sun is blazing hot, when its raining or even on a cool winters night, relaxing under a beautifully crafted patio cover will make you happy. Enjoying more family, friends and some of this beautiful Southern California weather is sure to make anyone happy.

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