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Patio Covers in Burbank

With so many beautiful sunny days here in Southern California it’s no wonder we love our homes. As a matter of fact, we love the outdoors so much we build little structures so we can sty in the outdoors longer.  No only do we build these patio covers to shade us, but we build beautiful structures that are not only functional but amazing to look at. builds Patio Covers in Burbank, it’s what we do.

What’s the deal with the new Aluminum patio covers?

Aluminum patio covers by Alumawood or Duramax are taking the market by storm. Whats all the hype? First of all, the aluminum patio covers are not subject to rot, deterioration or termites. Secondly, it’s affordable. Aluminum patio covers in Burbank are more affordable that wood patio covers.How do they look? Stunning.


What are Aluminum patio covers and what are they?

Compared to wood patio covers, aluminum Patio Covers in Burbank are taking the market by storm. Of course, when we are talking about Aluminum patio covers we’re not talking about the old janky covers your grandmother had on her porch or patio. To put it differently, they are not the flimsy covers of yesteryear.  Most modern aluminum patio covers are constructed of high strength aircraft aluminum and have the appearance of real wood with real wood grain.

What are the costs of How expensive are Patio Covers in Burbank?

With all the different materials by which patio covers can be constructed the pricing is all over the map. To that extent, we build aluminum Patio Covers in Burbank and wood Patio Covers in Burbank. The pricing between these two materials is significantly different. First thing to keep in mind is that the labor by which it takes to build these two different Patio Covers in Burbank is night and day. The wood patio covers are much more labor intensive. With that said, the materials are significantly more as well. On the other hand, Aluminum Patio Covers in Burbank are much easier to install and the materials are much lower.

What are some of the Benefits with using Aluminum patio covers?

In order to appreciate the capabilities of Aluminum we need to first compare it to wood. What can we say about wood? Well, it’s beauty is timeless for one. That said, wood patio covers in Los Angeles has it’s downfalls. For starters, it deteriorates. When you buy a wood patio cover in Los Angles expect it to rot, deteriorate and weather right before you very eyes. that is, if the termites don’t eat if first.

In contrast, Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles will never rot, deteriorate, weather or get eaten by termites.  For the, most part, this material is maintenance free.

  • Aluminum never requires paint
  • Patio covers made from Aluminum will not rot
  • Aluminum patio cover finishes will not peel or chip
  • With aluminum, you just need to wash it

Alumawood aluminum Patio Covers in Burbank just make you happy.

A new Patio Cover will just make you happy. In fact, the more time you get to spend outside in the fresh air with your friends or family will make you happy. To that extent, hanging out under your new cover enjoying a sunset or snuggling under the crisp winder night with a new patio cover will make you happy(er).

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