Patio Cover Repairs in Thousand Oaks

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Patio Cover Repairs in Thousand Oaks

Occasionally, there comes a need to have repairs performed on your covered patio. Luckily for you, Patiocovered literally has you covered here. We build and maintain patio covers, period. Whether your cover is wood or aluminum we have the means to get your cover looking new again.
Our services include

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Damaged hardware
  • Missing hardware
  • Sealant and paint
  • Roofing repairs

Whether or not your cover is a wood patio cover in Thousand Oaks or an Aluminum patio cover in thousand oaks, we have the expertise and the team to make the necessary repairs.

alumawood patio cover simi valleyWood patio cover repairs in Thousand oaks

Lets face it, like everything in this world, there is a lifespan. For the most part, wood isn’t going to last forever.  As a matter of fact, although wood will last up to 30 years, it is subject to intermediate repairs in this time. For example, wood shade bars, rafters and roofing materials will typically be some of the first items on the short list to be replaced. We build patio covers, thats it. Because of this, we perform these repairs throughout the entire year.

 Aluminum patio cover repairs in Thousand Oaks

Despite the fact that there are many different aluminum manufacturing companies who make aluminum patio covers, luckily for you they are all very similar in appearance. Whether the manufacturer is Alumawood, Duraloom, Luster Cote we have the ability to get the product you need to finish the job and get your cover looking beautiful.

Permits and Engineering

Patio Cover Repairs in Thousand OaksThe city of Thousand Oaks requires building permits for patio covers, and yes sometimes for repairs. Having worked throughout the greater Los Angeles and Ventura city and counties, we understand the building and safety’s requirements for new and repaired patio covers. 

Equally important is that we are a company who only installs patio covers of many types and materials., all we build are patio covers so it only makes sense that we possess the knowledge and team to do this right the first time.

 Total patio cover replacement is available

Although we have the ability to work miracles with patio covers in thousand oaks, we can’t always save them. In the rare case that your cover is a total tear-down and replacement, we can handle that too. Not only can we remove that tired old patio cover but we can replace it with a brand new patio cover in an affordable way.  In short, We build patio covers and perform patio cover repairs in thousand oaks. Period.