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Package 1

Ahhh, there’s nothing like owning a brand new house. If only the builder would have supplied at least a small concrete pad so you don’t have to keep tracking in all that dirt and mud…and some type of cover so you can enjoy the back yard right? Well, here you go…an entry level, cost effective way to enjoy your investment and a perfect solution for those of you who just need the basics. Our Package 1 includes our base 192 square foot “Basic Sombra” patio cover structure and a 256 square foot natural grey concrete pad. Nothing crazy going on here, like I said… just the basics. Terms and Conditions

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Package 2

So you say you like the basic package but can really use some yard drains for the torrential rains we get out here ;), and a walkway so you can walk from the front of the house to the rear without having to trample over the dirt and mud. For you, we have a package that accomplishes all of this. The Package 2 contains our basic 192 square foot “Sombra” patio cover structure, a 256 square foot natural grey concrete pad, 180 square feet of grey concrete walkway, and 225 linear feet of rear yard drains which will basically encircle your house, 10 rear drain grates and up to 2 curbside *core holes. This is an excellent option if you’re into keeping it simple or for your new townhouse with only one accessible side yard. Terms and Conditions

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Package 3

Let’s presume you’re the sort of person who requires “more” in life. You need more house, more sleep, a “Venti” sized coffee instead of a “Tall” and yes, even a little more shade than what our basic Sombra cover provides. Let’s also assume you’re also the adventurous type of individual who likes choices. Choices, for example of, let’s say… which side of your house you’d like to walk down on any given day. Once again, we have you covered (pun wasn’t intended but it works). Package 3 contains the same 225 linear feet of yard drainage installed in the same manner as package 2, however, in this package you will get an additional 360 square feet of walkway as well as the basic “Verano” 192 square foot roofed patio cover structure. Now you can freely walk from the front to the back on any side you wish all day long to your heart’s content and afterwards, when you’re done with your work out, you can relax under the beautiful, fully covered Verano patio structure. Wow… now this is California living. Terms and Conditions

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