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3" panel = R12



Take a look at this image. It was taken on a very hot July day within 10 minutes of each other. Non-insulated and wood patio covers will typically be warmer when sitting under them due to the lack of insulation coupled with heat radiation.

On the right you can see what the temperatures are like under a typical wood patio cover with a tile roof. On the left, however, you can see the difference while standing under an Alumawood insulated patio cover with the panels R-Value at *12-13.9.

*Depending on the manufacturer

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Of course, less radiant heat means that you can enjoy relaxing under this patio cover even when the temperatures hit the triple digits. Living in Southern California, we all know how hot it can get in the summer.

Alumawoods insulated panels are the perfect solution when for your outdoor living area. When you choose the insulated panel patio cover, you can enjoy more of your backyard longer.


Alumawood insulated panels are not only stylish, affordable, and resist heat... they are built to last a lifetime. Alumawoods warranty for these patio covers is a limited lifetime warranty


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