Wood Patio Covers Santa Clarita

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Wood Patio covers Santa Clarita

Patiocoverd in Santa Clarita builds sturdy, stylish and long lasting wood patio covers and decks.  We offer a variety of styles and choices for any budget. Our patio covers can range from a basic shade bar structure to a solid roofed cover. Patiocovered also builds free standing covers and decks.

Wood Patio Covers

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The lumber that we use for our patio cover beams are always free of heart to minimize twisting, warping and cracking as wood is a natural substance and is subject to changes. We also primer, paint and caulk all of our covers to help protect the wood from the elements.

To tie all of the lumber together into a solid, safe structure, Patiocovered uses only Simpson Strong-Tie hardware and fasteners. Simpson, an industry leader offers a variety of hardware that ranges in size, shape and color. We offer basic versions as a standard that can be upgraded to suit the building needs or style necessities of the individual needs of our clients.

A variety of predesigned patio covers and decks is available on our site. These stylish covers range from basic shade bars to upgraded versions of shade bars, roofed covers and decks. Check them out by clicking the link. We also offer custom built patio covers.