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Alumawood in Santa Clarita

Alumawood Santa Clarita

Beat the California Sun 
Without Watching Your Patio Cover DecayOne of the great attractions of California is its natural beauty. We have lakes, mountains, deserts and sunsets. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time outside, drinking all of it all in? Alumawood Santa Clarita.
Of course, California also comes with a whole lot of sunshine. That’s a boon to sun worshipers, but doctors have been warning us about the dangers of that for years. How do you get the best of both worlds? The answer: Covered patios and porches.You sit in the shade and partake of the joys of nature. Unfortunately, if you’ve got a wooden porch or patio cover, you can all but watch it dry rot to dust before your very eyes. If the dry rot doesn’t get it, the termites will! Santa Clarita is as rough on wood as it is on your skin. 

Alumawood Santa Clarita

Enter Alumawood

Manufactured from durable aluminum and made to look like wood, it’s the ALMOST no maintenance solution. 

  • It won’t dry rot.
  • It doesn’t warp.
  • Termites? What termites?
  • Weathering? Nope.
  • Peeling? That’s for oranges.

We won’t lie, though. There is one thing that Alumawood can’t resist. Dust. So, you might need to bust out the garden hose and rinse off your patio cover from time to time. 

Can you picture it? 

A gentle breeze passing by. Sitting in comfort with a cold glass of water. Watching your neighbors struggle to repaint or re-stain and re-seal their wooden porches and patios. 

You won’t need to deal with cleaning clogged paint brushes. Gone are the days of braving a chemical stink. 

While they’re clearing out so an exterminator can douse their porch with pesticides, you’ll be planning how to enjoy your free time.

If you ever do need to call on pest control, it won’t be to deal with your porch covering. 

Alumawood offers you all the benefit of a wooden porch cover with none of the hassle. It can be customized to fit the dimensions of your patio and comes in several styles that will compliment your Santa Clarita home. 

If this sounds like the solution for you, contact us today to set up your free consultation!