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Patio covered is all about the clients. We don’t think of ourselves as contractors as much as we do service providers. Over the years I personally think that the word contractor has drawn some pretty staunch criticism and rightly so. I’m a contractor and honestly, I have to deal with the same issues with hiring contractors that most of you have to experience. For example, a lack of communication, the lack of caring for the product and the lack of empathy towards the consumer and so on…

Questions about patio covers Santa ClaritaSo who is patio covered?

Simply put, at patio covered we are contractors who don’t act like contractors.

Our crew is made up of dedicated men who put the customer first. We can’t forget our dedication to producing a quality product but customer service is where we clearly make a difference. Our standards of communication and work ethic will far surpass that of our competitors, guaranteed.

Here at Patio covered we work with our clients hand in hand throughout the entire process from concept to the final product. Our goal is simple. Complete satisfaction.