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Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles

California has some of the most beautiful weather in all of the United States, Los Angeles especially.  Not only is the weather good enough to to keep you tan year round, it’s also nice enough that you can enjoy your back yard year round.  Within some areas of Los Angeles, however, the temperatures can really soar.  In order to maximize your rear yards capabilities as a true outdoor entertainment area, a patio cover is needed. Not just any patio cover but rather, Aluminum patio covers in Los Angeles.

Why so many are choosing Aluminum over wood

The two major players in outdoor patio covers are aluminum and wood. Of course there is vinyl, however, having sold vinyl patio covers in the past, it doesn’t compare to the top sellers, wood or aluminum. For starters, wood is more expensive than aluminum and must be maintained on an annual basis. Whereas aluminum, is more affordable than wood and requires virtually zero maintenance. Wood patio covers take up to and over a week to install whereas again, aluminum may take only a couple days in comparison.


What are Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles?

Traditionally, when we think of patio covers the first thing that comes to mind, is wood. Introducing Aluminum. Of course we at patiocovered build both types of patio covers, the latest trend in patio covers even in multi-million dollar properties is Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the material in appearance resembles real genuine wood, its makes up over 80% of our product line.

What are the costs of Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles?

First thing to remember when we compare wood to aluminum is that we have to remember, wood is typically far more expensive than that of the Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles. Why is this? For one, material costs are much more for wood than that of Aluminum.  To put it differently, it takes much more wood material to build equivalent patio covers than that of aluminum. Furthermore, wood patio covers will generally require more labor and lets not forget engineering (in some cases), painting, footings and hardware. I believe it’s all of these individual components which truly sets wood apart from Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles.

What are the benefits of Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles?

In order to appreciate the capabilities of Aluminum we need to first compare it to wood. What can we say about wood? Well, it’s beauty is timeless for one. That said, wood patio covers in Los Angeles has it’s downfalls. For starters, it deteriorates. When you buy a wood patio cover in Los Angles expect it to rot, deteriorate and weather right before you very eyes. that is, if the termites don’t eat if first.
In contrast, Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles will never rot, deteriorate, weather or get eaten by termites.  For the, most part, this material is maintenance free.

  • Aluminum never requires paint
  • Patio covers made from Aluminum will not rot
  • Aluminum patio cover finishes will not peel or chip

Aluminum Patio Covers Make your Home Pretty

Anytime you add a significant improvement to your home you’re adding value. Take a room addition for example, the added square feet will add more square footage to the house and thus add value. As for patio covers, they add pretty. Yes, not only do you the home owner get the added benefit of value you also as a bonus get pretty. Important to realize is, patio covers are an object that many will literally sit around and stare at, while hanging out in the back yard or entertaining. thus, the cover will be gawked at for hours and by many. So why not make it pretty.

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