Los Angeles Tensioned Shade Sail Pergola Canopies


The tensioned shade sail is the perfect low maintenance solution for getting that perfect amount of shade in your back yardpatiocovered
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Sail shade pergolas here in Los Angeles

This tensioned canopy offers you the kind of sun protection you need for your outdoor getaway. Whether you used a flat Structureworks pergola or a pitched pergola, this canopy will work for you.

Getting tired of all of that Los Angeles sun? The Shade Sail canopy puts the nix on 90+ percent of those blinding sun rays. Which gives you a nice, cool spot for relaxing even when the temperature spirals upwards. With its low-hassle installation, you can have your shady retreat in no time. Stainless steel cables provide the tension for the canopy fabric. This approach cuts down on flapping, which gives your canopy a longer life. It’s also easy to take the canopy down for those stormy days.

We make our canopies to last. That why we rely on a high-density polyethylene mesh for our canopy fabric. It hangs onto its color well and calls for very little in the way of maintenance. We’ve even got seven fabric color options for you to pick from.

Features Specifications

  • Enjoy a 5-Year Limited Warranty for the hardware
  • This canopy will also work on your non-Structureworks pergola
  • Fire resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Mold resistant
  • Prevents over 90% of the sun’s rays from reaching you
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • High-density polyethylene fabric
  • Enjoy a 2-Year Limited Warranty for the fabric
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty for the hardware

Standard widths and Projections

Not only can we custom make and install a Tensioned Shade Sail Pergola Canopy, we also sell them in pre-assembled canopies. In addition to standard dimensions, we can also custom manufacture canopies in non-standardized sizes for your home or office pergola.

Regardless of which Tensioned Shade Sail Pergola Canopy you purchase, there are maximum and projections and widths. For example, the projections are as pictured here and range from 8-feet to 24-feet wide.

Likewise, there are maximum widths as well. As an example, pictured here are the standard and maximum widths (8-feet up to 24-feet) of the sail shade pergola.


Our high-density polyethylene fabrics come in seven colors that can spruce up any pergola. You can see the colors below.

Shade Color Collection

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Engineering and Building Permits

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Building Permits

Los Angeles seems to be, for those of who building patio covers or pergolas, a place which requires building permits on just about every single project. Despite what many think about adding a patio cover or pergola to their existing structure they do require permits. No matter what size pergola you choose to install, they all require a building permit. Likewise, most all jurisdictions such as cities and various counties require their residents to acquire permits when attaching a structure onto an existing structure. Even if the structure is small.


Our Tensioned Shade Sail Pergola Canopy comes pre-engineered should you choose this product. As a matter of fact, almost all of the materials we sell here such as fiberglass and vinyl are pre-engineered. Contrast these materials to wood which is only required to be engineered when it exceeds standardized city plan specifications. Most cases, patio covers such as wood don’t often times exceed the city standard palans. Engineering for other materials do, however, carry a cost. Typically, the cost associated with the engineering hovers around $500 -$1500 in Los Angeles county.

Our Tensioned Shade Sail Pergola Canopy comes with two warranties. You get a 2-Year Limited Warranty for the fabric. You also get a 5-Year Limited Warranty for the hardware.

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Why hire patiocovered?

There’s a lot of construction companies out here in Los Angeles. Believe it or not, even as a contractor myself, I cannot stand working with contractors. Not only are many of them unreliable or untruthworthy, it’s the lack of communication that historically is the proverbial icing on the cake.

Unlike the traditional perspective which many people associate with contractors, we fortunately don’t share any of those negative qualities. As a matter of fact, even though we are technically contractors, we look at ourselves as service professionals. In a nutshell, yes, we are contractors but placing an emphasis on you the client.

What else do you do?

Our team installs just about every type of pergola material available. Additionally, we also install, service and repair patio covers all throughout Los Angeles as well as a few of the following services;

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